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What to Expect

Sunday Gatherings

We meet at 109 Leader Drive Piedmont, SC 29673 at 10:00am

Connection Fellowship exists to bring glory to God and affect gospel change by redeeming the lost and growing believers. Every Sunday you will find uplifting worship, gospel-centered preaching and an engaging kids ministry. So whether you’ve been around church all of your life or this is your first time stepping foot in a church, we want to make your experience welcoming.

At Connection Fellowship you will hear us say the Gospel saves, transforms, gathers and sends. We believe that. By God’s grace we’ve seen God do incredible things already in our community. 

Uplifting Worship

At Connection Fellowship you will hear music at each and every gathering that is directed at our Savior and founded on His word.  Our goal is that each and every person present at our worship services would leave with a sense of awe and wonder at what Jesus has done for us.

Gospel Centered Preaching

At Connection Fellowship you will find our preaching expository in nature and Gospel-centered in content. We focus on simply exposing what the Bible says in each passage while keeping in mind that all passages connect to the overarching story of the whole Bible. In light of this, each sermon should reflect the sum of the Biblical narrative—that we ought to love God when we see His great love for us. We see His love most clearly in the sacrificial death of Jesus. So, the Gospel is always the point and Jesus is always the hero of every sermon.

Engaging Kids Ministry

Every Sunday your child will learn about Jesus as they study through the Bible and see God’s amazing love towards them in our Connection Kids class.  They will also have a lot of fun in the process as they sing live worship, play instructive games, and create amazing crafts.  Lastly, you can expect that your child will be safe in the hands of our incredible teams of Christ-filled servant caretakers/teachers.