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Our Core Values

Connecting Points

1. Saturated in Scripture

It is a part of our nature as human beings to absorb what surrounds us.  Part of the challenge of Christian life is living in the world while reflecting the light of Christ.  The only way this is possible is to be so full of the love of Christ that we have no room to take on other things.  This renewing of the mind takes place by spending time in God’s word.  It is the anchor that keeps us from drifting.  If we would hold firm in our faith, we have to be immersed in the Bible and saturated in Scripture.

2. Centered in Gospel

Too often we see the gospel as only the starting blocks of the Christian faith, but the truth is it’s the starting blocks, the finishing line, and the distance between the two. It is the gospel that, when received by grace through faith, gives life.  It is also the gospel that sustains life.  And it is the gospel alone that gets us all the way Home. Our goal is not to make the gospel the book ends but to be centered in the gospel in all that we do.

3. Powered by Spirit

Our weakest effort with the Spirit is greater than our greatest effort without Him. Without the Spirit working through us, we might do many works the world would count as great, but nothing that we do will grow the kingdom of God in even the smallest way.  If we are working only in our own strength, then we will accomplish nothing of lasting significance.  If we want to make an eternal difference and have great impact for the kingdom, we must be powered by Spirit.

4. Dependent in Prayer

God is the vine and we are the branches, and apart from Him we can do nothing. In God we live, move, and have our being, and without Him we do none of those things.  In God we are connected to unlimited power, and apart from Him we are powerless.  Prayer to God through Christ is the cable that connects us to His supernatural power.  Our lives are designed to make an eternal difference in this world, but we can’t make a difference in our own strength.  If we want to bear fruit in God’s kingdom, we must be constantly dependent on prayer.

5. Worshiping in Everything

Everything that we ever do is to be done for God’s glory.  Whatever we do we are to do it for God, whether it is “church-related” or not.  Preaching about Jesus or changing a diaper can equally be acts of worship.   God is worthy of praise on our best days and is equally so when our hearts ache.  God’s worthiness is not contingent on our circumstances; otherwise our circumstances have become our god.  We don’t just worship when everything is going according to plan; we are to be worshipping in everything period.  He is worthy!

6. Growing in Community

We are created for connection with others.  God designed us to need one another and is clear in His word about our need for community.  We are called to live and love authentically and to help bear each other’s burdens.  We can’t do that if we are living a lie or trying to live life alone.  We are created for community. Likewise, we are not born in order to remain infants.  We are born of the Spirit in order to grow!  God saves us just as we are, but He does not leave us that way. We are called to grow up in Christ, and one of the chief tools God uses to grow us up is through our interactions with one another.  We will never be perfect, but we are to always be maturing and growing in community.

7. Generous in Giving

God made everything, and every good thing in our lives comes from His hand. Everything we have comes from Him.  Giving a tenth of our income is a start, but everything that we have is God’s and should be used to glorify Him.  The times, talents, abilities, and resources we have are all to be used for His glory.  Our God is generous, and we are called to live lives that point towards that same generosity.  We are gifted to give so that God receive even greater glory.

8. Intentional in Mission

We are not likely to hit a target if we don’t take the time to aim.  Likewise if we live without being intentional we will wind up missing the mark.  The work of sharing the gospel is too important to carry out haphazardly.  We are not out for a stroll; we are out to advance the kingdom.  If we would see the gospel spread and he kingdom grown, we must be intentional in mission.