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Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Click on the link above to take a free and anonymous assessment that will help you discover how God has gifted you for service in and through the church according to Romans 12.

If, after taking the assessment, you would like to discuss it with someone, please contact one of the pastors at

Serving Opportunities


  • Greeters
  • Facilities Preparation & Clean Up
  • Parking Attendants
  • Tech Team
  • Worship Team (Band / Vocalists)
  • Ushers


  • Nursery (Sunday mornings – 1x per month or 5th Sundays)
  • Preschool (Sunday mornings – 1x per month or 5th Sundays)
  • Elementary Class (Sunday mornings during the sermon — 1x per month)
  • Prayer Ministry Team Members


  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Publications Ministry


  • Jerusalem Projects
  • Judea Team Projects
  • Samaria Team Projects
  • Ends of the Earth Team Projects
  • Global Impact Celebration

For additional service opportunities and information, contact Download & fill out our Service Interest form.